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Hot Chocolate

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In continental Europe, hot chocolate is traditionally served as a breakfast drink and has a wide range of variations from country to country. In France, sliced bread is dunked in hot chocolate at breakfast time, while in Spain a thick hot chocolate with churros is the traditional working man’s breakfast. In Ireland, our preference to how hot chocolate is served generally follows the American style. It is made from instant powder which consists of cocoa, with water or milk. The hot chocolate drink is typically very sweet and is sometimes topped with mash-mallows or cream. While it is seen as a breakfast drink in continental Europe, a hot chocolate drink in Ireland tends to be consumed on cold days, for dessert or sometimes before bed. As anyone living in Ireland knows, cold days can be quite frequent so drinking hot chocolate is not limited to the winter time.


At we have endeavoured to provide a selection of hot chocolate brands that suit all tastes. While there are varying reports on whether hot chocolate offers a healthy alternative to tea or coffee, we are certain of one thing-it tastes great. Combine your order with tea, coffee or any other items across the site to experience free delivery anywhere in Ireland. If you have any further questions or queries regarding our hot chocolate range, or any other products at, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team are more than happy to be of assistance.


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