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A reluctance or refusal to drink tea in Ireland can often be met with suspicious glances, or even contempt. For years there has been heated debate with regard to the superiority of one tea bag brand over another- a debate that will perhaps never see a victor. It is rare to walk into a home in Ireland without consuming copious amounts of tea and biscuits before making the journey back home. In the workplace, tea is as prevalent as in the home. In the building sector, masculinity can often be determined by the length of time a tea bag rests in boiling water. Some tea connoisseurs prefer to put the bag in before the boiling water, while others insist on the tea bag being used after the milk has been poured. Sugar and milk are optional, and depend on the preferences of the drinker, which will never change. Recent years have seen an influx of herbal tea bags, offering a healthier option for the tea drinker.


At we have listened to feedback from both clients and buyers regarding our online selection of tea bags. By stocking a wide range of established brands, we cater for the tastes of all tea drinkers in Ireland. When you buy tea bags online at you can also avail of free delivery so it pays to listen to your employees’ preferences with regard to tea or coffee. Interestingly, a recent survey has indicated that 40% of workers have developed a creative idea or solved a complex business problem while on a tea or coffee break so providing an exceptional range of tea bags for your office could even improve productivity. Browse to identify any other items that can help to improve your workplace.


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  1. Bewleys Green Tea Bags 2 Cup | Buy Green Tea Online | Green Tea

    Bewleys 2 Cup Tea Bags

    (€14.99 incl. VAT)

    Product Code: NA15898

    Learn More
  2. Bewleys Green Tea Bags 1 Cup | Green Tea Bags

    Bewleys 1 Cup Tea Bags

    (€14.99 incl. VAT)

    Product Code: NA15899

    Learn More
  3. Barrys Green Label Tea Bags 600 Cups - Tea Suppliers Ireland

    Barrys Green Label Tea Bags 600 Cups

    (€17.99 incl. VAT)

    Product Code: NA13130

    Learn More
  4. Lyons Green Label 600 1 Cup Lyons Tea Bags

    Lyons Green Label 600 1 Cup Lyons Tea Bags

    (€19.99 incl. VAT)

    Product Code: NA13128

    Learn More
  5. Barrys Gold Blend (Red) Tera Bags 600's

    Barrys Gold Blend (Red) Tera Bags 600's

    (€21.99 incl. VAT)

    Product Code: NA13129

    Learn More
Total: 5 Items |
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