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Coffee Grinders 101: All You Need to Know About Coffee Grinders

Wednesday 15 November 2017 17:21:11 Europe/London

If you’re passionate about coffee and want the best possible cup every morning, then you need to start off with whole beans and use a coffee grinder. Many people like the convenience of buying ground coffee, but they don’t realize that a coffee grinder doesn’t have to be a lot of work, and it is certainly well-worth the effort.

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Using Coffee Grounds to Keep Dust Down

Wednesday 15 November 2017 16:35:07 Europe/London

There are a surprising number of ways that you can use old coffee grounds so that you don’t just have to throw them away when you’re done. You can use them to make DIY car air fresheners, put in your garden to kill snails, keep ants away, and improve the soil quality for plants that like acidic soil. Some people even use old coffee grounds for facials or to remove cellulite.

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Coffee Machine Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Machine

Wednesday 15 November 2017 16:03:32 Europe/London

There are so many options when it comes to coffee machines that it’s going to take some time to consider which machine is right for you. In the past, all coffee machines were essentially the same in that they performed the same function and the only difference in the outcome was what type of coffee you tossed in them before hitting the “on” switch.

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Coffee Pods vs Coffee Capsules: What's the Difference?

Thursday 12 October 2017 12:25:43 Europe/London


Although many people and even companies selling coffee products use these words interchangeably, the truth is that coffee pods and coffee capsules are two very different things. They not only differ in appearance and components, but they also have different uses and work in different types of machines. In this article, we’re going to cover the idea of coffee pods vs coffee capsules so you can learn what’s the difference.

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How to Clean Your Coffee Machine

Thursday 12 October 2017 12:09:23 Europe/London

All coffee machines are a little different, but you can clean them using this simple method. It’s important to not only wipe coffee machines clean and wash the pot after every brew, but to also deep clean it at least once per month to make sure there’s no mold growing somewhere inside the pot. Unfortunately, because coffee machines hold a lot of moisture, they’re at a high risk of harboring mold, but a deep cleaning is sure to take care of that for you.

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What are the Different Types of Coffee Beans

Thursday 12 October 2017 11:31:56 Europe/London



There are many different types of coffee beans to choose from, and choosing the right one for you may seem like a difficult choice, but as long as you know what you want out of your coffee, then making the choice between types of coffee beans is easier than you think. Here are some common questions people have about what the different types of coffee beans are along with answers to what the best choices are.

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Win Nespresso Compatible Coffee Machine | Coffee Machine Give Away

Wednesday 8 June 2016 12:49:28 Europe/London


Don't miss your chance to enter our giveaway....
Win a brand new nespresso compatable machine and pods!

You and your colleagues could win yourselves a brand new Espressina Coffee Pod Machine, PLUS 2 boxes of our new Caffe Ottavo Coffee Capsule range - courtesy of us here at . The Espressina is the ideal hot drinks machine for home or small office. Its understated and elegant slimline design, coupled with its innovative approach to tea and coffee, make it hard to resist and its available in 3 stylish colours: White, Black and Red. 

Anyone who makes a purchase on NEEDa Coffee in the month of June will be entered into the competition.

It's that easy!

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5 Simple Steps To Making The Perfect Cup Of Tea

Friday 4 December 2015 11:55:43 Europe/London

5 Simple Steps To Making The Perfect Cup Of Tea

It’s no secret that the Irish love a decent cup of tea, however most people can’t agree on what it takes to make the perfect cuppa. Most people think that when they get the colour right they’ve got the whole thing covered. Wrong! Squeezing the tea bag or adding more milk is all well and good but just because the colours right doesn’t mean you have the right flavour or body.

We have gone through the trouble of testing out all the different methods (daily), and highlighted below the only steps you need to make a great cup of tea, slowly and patiently!

1. Fill your kettleUse fresh tap water, the oxygen in the water is really important to creating a good cuppa because this releases the flavour.

2. Boil the kettle: It’s important to pour the kettle the moment it finishes boiling, if you walk away you’ll come back to a cooling kettle and that’s not cool. If this does occur its better to use that water than to reboil as boiling again will boil off the oxygen. (See point 1).

3. Add water: Pour the boiling water over the teabag and brew for 3 minutes, this gives the perfect amount of time to properly develop the flavour. It’s best to just sit back and relax at this stage, don’t shake or squeeze the bag, just be patient. For green tea you shouldn’t brew for longer than 2 minutes because it gets bitter.

4. Add milkAs odd as it sounds it is historically correct to pour the milk first, however it just makes more sense to us that it be added at this stage so you can adjust it to your liking.

5. Add extra: Most tea purists frown upon adding sugar or honey but we’re more interested in you enjoying your tea so as long as you’ve followed the previous steps this can only add to your cuppa. If you’re putting sugar in, be sure to use the same spoon for scooping sugar out of the jar and for stirring the tea. This brings good luck.


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Can Coffee Really Increase Productivity?

Wednesday 26 August 2015 16:10:43 Europe/London

Coffee and Productivity

 For millions of people around the world coffee is an integral part of the daily routine. For some, the thought of functioning without a cup first thing in the morning is unfathomable, while others continuously top up on caffeine throughout the day in an attempt to remain at their peak. Incredibly, research has indicated that we consume 500 billion cups of coffee each year, and exportation of coffee alone is a $20 billion industry. From an employment perspective, the coffee industry is integral to various countries, particularly in developing regions. 67 percent of the world’s coffee is grown in the Americas alone, contributing to the economic livelihood of over 25 million people.

Originally met with Contempt

While coffee is now grown in a host of countries all over the world, its popularity was not always as great. When coffee first came to Europe in the 17th century it was condemned by the local clergy in Venice as the “bitter invention of Satan”. However, after trying the drink himself, Pope Clement VIII gave it Papal approval. Coffee houses throughout Europe began to become social outlets for people that shared common interests such as: bankers, merchants, artists and brokers. In fact, many well-known businesses were established from these coffee houses, such as Lloyds’ of London.

Now, coffee consumption and production has never been more popular. Coffee the shops litter the streets of towns and cities in developed countries. The cannibalisation strategy of Starbucks is particularly interesting. Their figures indicate that having their coffee shops in close proximity to each other is actually good for business, such is the popularity of the brand.

Coffee Consumption around the World

So, who drinks the most coffee in the world? America? Italy?

10. Brazil (1.32 cups per day).
9. Belgium (1.35 cups per day).
8. Germany (1.43 cups per day).
7. Denmark (1.46 cups per day).
6. Serbia (1.49 cups per day).
5. Austria (1.51 cups per day).
4. Slovenia (1.68 cups per day).
3. Netherlands (1.84 cups per day).
2. Norway (1.98 cups per day).
1. Finland (2.64 cups per day).
The Science behind Coffee and Productivity

As mentioned above, for many, drinking coffee is part of the daily routine. We drink it at home and at work. The big question is- does drinking coffee make you more productive? Recent studies have indicated that many coffee drinkers link caffeine to productivity. For example, 48 percent of respondents to a college survey stated that they were less productive without coffee, while 40 percent of 18-24 year olds said they struggled to function without coffee. Interestingly, of all of the professions surveyed, nurses and physicians were the most dependent on caffeine, ahead of hotel workers, food preparers, engineers and teachers. While it is debatable whether coffee on its own can make you more productive, there are studies that suggest that coffee can be beneficial for memory. Studies from Joh Hopkins University suggest caffeine can help to improve memory recall capabilities, while there are also indications that it can improve alertness.

The actual reasoning behind why caffeine can help to make you seem more productive is down to blocking receptors in the body. The adenosine tab generally increases throughout the day, and as more is produced, the nervous system begins to steadily come down a few notches. Eventually, you fall asleep. However, when you drink a cup of coffee the caffeine copies the shape and size of adenosine and enters the receptors and blocks them. While the adenosine tab is blocked, it leaves the body’s natural stimulants, dopamine and glutamate free to roam the body. Unfortunately, as most coffee drinkers can attest to, over time it takes more and more caffeine to block the receptors and to receive the benefits of the body’s stimulants, as drinkers build up a tolerance. 

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Nescafe Coffee at

Wednesday 12 August 2015 10:15:01 Europe/London

Nescafe at Needa Coffee

Coffee engages the senses and emotions

When roasted, every single coffee bean releases hundreds of different aromas. That’s why the taste and aroma of NESCAFÉ is so complex. They carefully selected only the finest coffee beans to deliver a unique experience with every cup. The intriguing complexity of coffee means it can deliver a whole range of emotional benefits that go beyond taste - from stimulation to relaxation to refreshment, and beyond. Caffeine is well known for its mild stimulating properties on the body and mind. The body absorbs it rapidly and its effects - metabolism stimulation and support for mental alertness and concentration - may last for 2-5 hours.

Moderate caffeine consumption of 300 mg per day, is considered generally safe based on science. This amount typically corresponds to:

  • 3-4 cups of brewed coffee
  • 4-5 cups of nescafé soluble coffee
  • 4 cans of energy drink
  • 400g of chocolate

Of course, the amount of caffeine per cup depends on the coffee blend and the amount of coffee used per cup. Enjoy a cup of NESCAFÉ coffee from to refresh your body and mind before embarking on demanding tasks.

Coffee is a natural source of polyphenols

You may know that it is important to eat a variety of foods providing a range of nutrients, including polyphenols, to help maintain your body in good health over time. But did you know that coffee is also naturally rich in polyphenols just like green tea, fruits and cocoa? They naturally occur in green coffee beans. And a cup of decaffeinated coffee contains just as much polyphenols as regular coffee! So people who are sensitive to caffeine can enjoy the same benefits. Each cup of NESCAFÉ coffee not only allows you to enjoy its aroma and taste, but also provides your body with valuable polyphenols. For more information on the benefits of Nescafe Coffee visit

You can pick from an extensive range of Nescafe coffee at

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