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Coffee Beans

Excellent Quality Coffee Beans


For many, the idea of starting work in the morning without a good strong cup of coffee is incomprehensible. At, we have sourced some of the highest quality coffee beans to ensure that businesses in Ireland are sufficiently stocked. While it may seem like a small gesture, recent studies have indicated that the quality of coffee beans supplied in the workplace can help determine how valued an employee feels to a company. In fact, the study suggest that one in 10 employees across varying sectors feel undervalued by their bosses, while two in five surveyed have developed a creative idea, or solved a business problem while on a coffee break.


Another factor to consider is; having excellent quality coffee beans available in the workplace helps to keep employees in the workplace. It limits the necessity to “go out” for coffee thus saving the company and employee time and money. Incredibly, 11 percent of respondents to the survey stated that they would reject a job offer based on the quality of coffee received at the interview stage.


It’s easy to buy coffee beans online at Our selection ensures that all tastes are catered for, and that there is a wide range of quantity options available to suit the consumption needs of your organisation. We endeavour to provide a quality product at competitive prices, but we are also committed to convenience and simplicity. When you buy online at, you ensure that your coffee beans are delivered direct to your organisation. By combining your order of coffee beans with other items at, you can avail of free delivery, throughout Ireland, on all orders over €75. Browse online to see our full selection of coffee beans and coffee accessories.


Superior Coffee Beans Delivered across Ireland

Total: 3 Items |
  1. Marcafe Crema Bar Coffee Beans 1 Kg - Coffee Beans

    Marcafe Crema Bar Coffee Beans 1 Kg

    (€13.99 incl. VAT)

    Product Code: NA15776

    Learn More
  2. Marcafe Crema Bar Super Coffee Beans 1Kg - Coffee Beans

    Marcafe Crema Bar Super Coffee Beans 1Kg

    (€14.99 incl. VAT)

    Product Code: NA15775

    Learn More
  3. Marcafe Opera Prima Coffee Beans 1Kg - Coffee Beans

    Marcafe Opera Prima Coffee Beans 1Kg

    (€16.99 incl. VAT)

    Product Code: NA15772

    Learn More
Total: 3 Items |
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